Upside-Down, Inside-Out

You got the Tummy-Ache Blues!

Outmaneuvered by a little girl, and beat up by an old lady.

This burglar sucks.

This girl will do anything so she AND her dog can have fun in the sun. :)


Wednesday is for Water!
"I will go to fetch the water, til the day that I am grown…"

This is too precious! x3


Wednesday is for Water!

"I will go to fetch the water, til the day that I am grown…"

This is too precious! x3

Happy Birthday, Kathryn Beaumont!


Never thought I’d be on Yzma’s side…


Even the music in the Japanese version is different.


Can someone send this to everyone at my school? 

Okay, I gotta say something about a certain “classic” Nicktoon…

This show SUCKS!!!

Basically, it was a tribute to the extreme sports culture. But from the time it premiered, it was lame. The stories were dull, the art was butt-ugly, the music was jarring, and the characters were completely unlikable.

This was not only one of the worst Nicktoons, it was also the worst show ever created by Klasky-Csupo. I don’t get how a studio that went from making some of the best 90s shows (Duckman, AAAHH!!! Real Monsters) would resign themselves to making stuff like this. The Wild Thornberrys had potential, but lost it. As Told by Ginger was another boring series, essentially indistinguishable from the other tween shows of its period. 

And Rugrats, one of the earliest Nicktoons that would later become KC’s flagship series, was quickly descending into unwatchable terrain. Every bit of creativity and intelligence that made the first three seasons so wonderful were GONE. The characters were getting dumber each year, the movies were a parade of poor gimmicks, and newbie characters were adding nothing to this once-magnificent series. Yet it was all Nickelodeon WANTED to show in the 1999-2001 period; so many shows were being delayed/removed just so they could work in the trillionth Rugrats marathon, or have it so ONLY this show and…that other show….would ever win the weekly U-Pick segments.

So…why am I bringing this up?

Well, TeeNick still shows “The 90s Are All That” every night, though I’ve long tuned it out, because despite the volumes of 90s Nick shows to choose from, they tend to show the same few shows for all eternity. In one of the rare times they’re now mixing things up, they decided to show…


The prevailing logic among some 90s Nick fans is that because it premiered in August 1999, it counts as a 90s show. There is a serious problem with this:

  • 1999 was the year when many Nick fans agree that the “classic” years were ending. So many of the 90’s programs had ended and been removed from the air by that year (Clarrisa Explains It All, Hey Dude, Ren & Stimpy, Wild & Crazy Kids, Legends of the Hidden Temple etc.)
  • For a series to be 90s, a significant majority of it would have to have AIRED in the 90s. From research, only 16 of the total 61 episodes of…THAT show…aired during the final half of the final year of the 1990s. It’s more of a 2000’s series, really. Much in the way SpongeBob is, because while that show also started in 1999, it became the definitive Nick show DURING the 2000s, and is still running to this day. And only 14 of the nearly 200 episodes aired in 1999. I love the little yellow sponge, but it’s more 2000s than 90s, guys. And in this case, there’s no shame in it.

To elaborate further:

  • Hey Dude! actually premiered in July 1989. 22 of the total 65 episodes aired during the 80s, but the MAJORITY of that series aired during 90s. So yeah, THAT show counts.
  • You Can’t Do That on Television began in 1979 as one of the very first Nick shows. It aired throughout the 80s, and came to a conclusion in 1990. Only 15 of the total 144 episodes aired during the start of the 90s. The mass majority airing during the 80s, so…guess what? It’s a 80s show!
  • The Fairly OddParents half-hour series premiered in March 2001, and is still running to this day. It does have 10 pilot shorts that aired on Oh Yeah! Cartoons, which began in 1998. HOWEVER, this does not negate the fact that the half-hour series began in 2001, so while Oh Yeah! is a 90s show, Oddparents is NOT.
  • As Told by Ginger premiered in October 2000, though the pilot was confirmed to have been completed in 1999. Still, the SERIES began in the 2000s, and is therefore out of the 90s bracket. 

As much as those born during the mid to late 90s don’t want to admit, there IS a line to be drawn for your favorite decade. It is not enough to have simply been conceived during the former decade. Factors such as how much of a series ran in what decade, and what was airing on a network during each respective time frame has to be accounted for. 

If we’re about to see a nostalgic wave for the 2000s, that’s fine. But I would appreciate it if people STOP trying to work their favorite 2000s programs into the 90s bracket. Don’t put your cream into another person’s brunch and claim it as your “creamy snack”.

This is coming from someone who was watching Nick before a lot of 90s kids were even born; When people say stuff like “the 90s ended in 2004”, it’s annoying, heartbreaking, and RETARDED.